3 DIY Outdoor Bike Storage Options

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Biking is an exciting and enjoyable outdoor activity. Still, it can be a little tough to determine where to store your bicycle post-cycling. You can’t just bring your bike inside the house, and finding the perfect spot outdoors can be tricky, too.

Luckily, there are DIY outdoor bike storage options you can try to keep your bike safe from the sun and the rain. These outdoor bike storage options can also be beneficial in storing your other cycling-related objects, such as helmets and extra gear.

If you want to know how to create your own outdoor bike storage, here are a few great options for you to try.

DIY Outdoor Bike Storage

DIY Open Outdoor Bike Shed

This open outdoor bike shed allows you ease and convenience in storing your bicycles. It is spacious enough to accommodate multiple bikes at once, along with helmets, gear, and other biking-related equipment. Also, since it’s open, you can easily access the shed and get what you need at any point in time.

Although this shed has an open front, it has its own roof and walls to keep your bike protected from the rain and the sun. It’s also relatively easy to make and is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. As long as you have sufficient space for a new shed, this outdoor bike storage will surely serve you well.

To start, you’ll have to prepare the following materials:

  • (2) 2 x 2 pressure-treated wood at 78”
  • (6) 2 x 2 pressure-treated wood at 27”
  • (2) 2 x 2 at 75”
  • (4) 2 x 2 at 60”
  • (2) 2 x 2 at 53”
  • (2) 2 x 2 at 48”
  • (6) 2 x 2 at 30”
  • (11) 1 x 8 at 78”
  • (14) 1x 8 at 31”
  • (6) 1 x 8 at 84”

Aside from this, also prepare the following tools:

Here are the steps you must follow in making this outdoor bike storage:

Step 1: First, assemble the primary base of the shed using the two pressure-treated 2x2s at 78” and the six pressure-treated 2x2s at 27”. Arrange the 78” pieces parallel to each other and then connect them through the six 27” pieces placed equidistant to each other. Use wood glue and 2 ½” screws to attach the pieces to one another.

Step 2: Once done, place the base on the ground horizontally. Now, attach the front and back pieces perpendicularly to the corners of the base. The back corners will be using the 60” 2×2 pieces, while the front corners will use the 48” 2×2 pieces. Once again, use both wood glue and 2 ½” screws.

Step 3: Cut the top portion of the front and back pieces to have a 22.5-degree angle at the top.

Step 4: Next, use a 30” 2×2 piece to connect the front and back pieces at each side. Make sure to cut these following the 22.5-degree angle, as well, and then attach using glue and screws.

Step 5: Connect the long end of the front pieces using a 2×2 75” piece. Do the same for the back pieces. Make sure to twist both pieces such that the 22.5-degree slope is on top.

Step 6: Next, place two 60” 2×2 pieces equidistant to the upright back pieces, still with a 22.5-degree angle on top.

Step 7: Do the same for the side support, this time, using a 53” piece on either side.

Step 8: Measure for six roof supports that will attach the long edges of the front and back frames together. Glue and screw all pieces to the frame.

Step 9: With this, the frame is done, and you can now place the outer boards. Start with the boards at the back, putting each slat such that all seven boards are equidistant to one another.

Step 10: Do the same for the sides, making sure to cut off the parts that go outside the frame. Use the 1×8 boards for the floor of the shed.

Step 11: Lastly, do the roof. Use your material of choice and ensure the roof is perfectly covered.

DIY Outdoor Bike Shed with Doors

If you want to keep your bikes secure, why not add a door to your shed so that you can keep it locked at night or when you’re not around? Consider this an upgrade from the DIY open outdoor bike shed, as you’ll simply need to add doors to your existing shed.

Once done with the shed, look for two door panels that can fit its front part. The door panels should measure a little less than 48” long to allow some room for the door to open and close freely.

Then, attach the doors to the side or the top using a hinge on both ends, making sure to screw this properly at both sides. Also, check if the doors will open and close as desired afterward.

You may also add a stopper on the floor of the shed to ensure the doors close correctly. Once you’ve checked that the set-up is working, add bolts on the inside of the door and place handles so that you can open them easily. It would be best to put a lock or buy a chain and padlock to keep your shed secured.

diy outdoor bike storage options

DIY Outdoor Bike Rack

For something even more simple, why not try a bike rack instead? Bike racks make for an easy and convenient support for bicycles. While it won’t be able to shield the bike from the sun, it eats up little space and can be placed anywhere outdoors.

In the summer, when rain isn’t expected, a bike rack can provide you with quick access to your bicycles.

Here are the steps to follow in making your own outdoor bike rack:

Step 1: Start with the base. Line up two 36” pieces parallel to each other and drill 1 ½” pocket holes to each side. Then, attach them using 17” side pieces. Use wood glue and 2 ½” pocket screws for all corners.

Step 2: Next, attach the 30” back pieces perpendicular to the back corners of the base. Drill 1 ½” pocket holes, as well, and attach via wood glue and 2 ½” pocket screws.

Step 3: Connect two 36” cross supports next, running parallel to the 36” piece of the back frame. The top piece should be aligned with the sides of the frame. The middle brace, meanwhile, should be placed 10 7/8” from the top piece.

Step 4: Then, measure ½” from each end of the base. This is where you will first attach your 2×2 pieces, making sure they connect the front base to the middle brace. Attach the next 2×2 piece on one side, measuring 2 ½” from the first 2×2. Do this until you reach the other end, and make sure to use wood glue and 2” wood screws to attach each one.

Step 5: Finally, varnish the rack or use multiple coats of paint. You can use diluted water-based latex paint and coat this several times to ensure it’s protected once it’s outside.

Optional: Attach coat hooks to the top wood, where you can hang your helmet or other gear.


There are different ways to make your own DIY outdoor bike storage. It’s up to you to choose one that’s most comfortable, functional, and useful for your outdoor space.

Depending on the kind of storage you choose, there are pros and cons for each. There are storage options that are easier to make, like bike racks, but tend to be less secure. Meanwhile, sheds are an appealing choice, but they need time and effort to make. Not to mention, you also need sufficient space outside where you can build the shed at.

Because of the many options you can take, there is definitely an outdoor bike storage solution that is perfect for you and your needs. One that will let you secure your bicycle in place and be a joy for you to build.

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