DIY Tool Box Organizer 

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People owning cars, garages, or workshops understand how essential a toolbox is when carrying basic tools without them becoming damaged. These boxes offer the convenience of transporting tools from one place to another due to their compact size. Apart from that, statistics show that these storage devices reduce workplace injuries significantly. 

A toolbox is a must-have accessory in your garage; however, which is the ideal one for you? 

Tools vary vastly depending on various factors, so there is no ideal toolbox for everyone. The perfect choice for you meets all your tool storage needs and the best way to get one is to construct one yourself. 

Today we will share various steps to create the perfect toolbox organizer, ensuring all your tools are safe, easy to locate, and transport. 

Simple DIY Tool Box Organizer 

To build a simple toolbox organizer, you’ll need lumber, a dowel, nails, trim head screws, wood glue, a miter saw, a jigsaw, a power drill, a nailer, and a tape measure. After assembling all these tools and materials, begin by creating a plan. 

Step two is to cut the lumber to create the required end pieces per the plans. Next is to sand them to bring out a smooth finish. Proceed to build the box using glue and the nails to attach the ends. After that, add the dividers into the box using glue or finish nails to create a solid structure. 

For the process to be successful, ensure that each of the widths has an angled piece for attaching the dowel handle. This process is crucial since the handle must fit tightly and stay sturdy. The final step is to stain or paint the color of your choice to give it an aesthetic look. 

Grab-And-Go DIY Tool Box 

Do you have a spare bag lying around the house and don’t know what to do with it? It’s time to get creative and transform it into a reliable toolbox, one that you conveniently store and carry tools. This idea is best for organizing small and light hand tools. 

Apart from the bag, you’ll need cardboard, a circular saw, and a drill. Begin the process by ensuring the cardboard tightly fits inside the bag. If not, use your circular saw to cut the board into the ideal size by placing it in the bag. Take it out and cut out a board piece where you’ll use the drill to make different holes using the various drill bits for your screwdrivers and other small tools. 

It’s time to create storage space for your hammers, drills, and other large tools. The idea is to create a divider that creates partitions inside the bag. The good thing about cardboard is that it is easy to resize to any shape and size. You can also use pine for these partitions since it is lighter. 

Use the circular saw to cut the board to the required size and use your drill and screws to create the compartment. After that, you are almost done and what’s left is to place the wooden structure inside the bag to complete your grab-and-go toolbox. 

Screw and dowel in plastic organizer box

Corner-On Pegboard Hooks 

Create a corner-on pegboard hook for your tools at your workshop to prevent them from getting damaged when they fall. For this process, you’ll need a long pegboard holder, a pegboard, a vise, and a hammer. 

The idea is to use the hammer to bend the long peg into small pegboard holder corer shapes. Place the holder into the vise and use your hammer to pound it into a corner shape. Repeat the same process and create as many right-angle corner shapes as you want. Don’t forget to make corners for both the left and the right sides. 

After that, nail the pegboard into the wall to create a supporting base for the tools. Now hold the device in position and insert the pegs at the corner of the tool to create a firm grip. 

There are many other ways to modify this process, such as using PVC instead of pegboard. The process is also similar; begin by cutting the PVC pipe into small circular rings and drilling them into a wall. Use screws to secure the PVC rings firmly and your toolbox organizer is done. 

Pointed-Tool Tool Box Organizer 

Do you have drill bits, screwdrivers, hole saws, Allen wrenches, and awls lying around? Create a pointy-tool toolbox easily using a chunk of plywood and foam; the foam is what offers the storage base for these tools.

Step 1 is to nail the plywood to the wall and glue the thick insulation foam to the plywood using a strong adhesive. Press the foam and allow it to dry for a few hours.

After that, use your small screwdriver to punch holes for holding the accessories. It is best to create a pattern that will make it easy for you to locate your tools. Your toolbox organizer is done and ready to be loaded up with pointy tools. 

Think Outside the Box

With all the commercial units available, one may wonder, why create your own toolbox in the first place? For starters, you know your tools best and know how much room you’ll need in a toolbox for them to fit properly.

Secondly, creating your unit using the DIY processes discussed above is effortless, affordable, and convenient. The discussed methods are ideal for specific toolsets. However, feel free to customize them to meet your needs. It’s time to keep your tools organized, safe, and portable!

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