DIY Outdoor Daybed

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If you have time on your hands or feel like finishing a great project, consider making an outdoor daybed. Even if you do not really have some extra time, finishing this type of project will not be considered a waste of your time.

In this article, we look at a few different types of outdoor daybeds you can make at home. These projects do not need a lot of prior experience and can be done by anyone who loves to make their own things.

Many people prefer to stay at home these days so you can add this project to your to-do list. Read on and see how many great daybed ideas there are for you to consider.

Swinging/Hanging Daybed

Making a swinging daybed will need some planning from your side, which means finding the right place and materials you will use. It is good to find a place on a front or back porch so you can use it in rainy weather.

You should also consider if you are going to use a mattress or just loose cushions as your soft base.

List Of Materials

  • 2 of 4×4 x 8′ posts
  • 10 of 1×6 x 8′ boards
  • 8 of 2×4 x 8′ boards
  • 2 of 2×3 x 3/8″ plywood panels
  • One box of 1-5/8″ outdoor screws
  • One box of 2-1/2″ outdoor screws
  • About 10 meters of chain or rope to hang your daybed

Tools Used

The first step is to construct the base and the frame of the bed by using the 2x4s and cutting them into the sizes. Depending on the bed size you want to make, you can cut the long and shorter sides as in picture 1.

Cut two more pieces for support in the middle, the same size as the shorter side pieces.

Picture 1

Attach all the parts together with the 2-inch screws while keeping the corners square to each other. 

The next step is to add the armrest support by cutting six pieces of 2x4s in 20.5-inch lengths. Then secure it to the frame with 2-inch screws as in picture 2.

Picture 2

Next, you can attach the 1×6 skirting plate to the rest of the frame all the way around with the 1-⅝ inches screws. Then attach corner support made from the 2x4s and secure it with 2-inch screws.

Now you can frame the inside of the bed with the 1×6 board and cap it off with the remaining 1×6 pieces. Center the whole frame on top of the 4×4 posts and secure it to the posts.

Add the plywood decking to support the mattress or cushions, and finalize by applying some finish to the wood. You can find the best place to hang it and attach the rope or chain to the posts when all is done.

The length of the rope depends on how low you want to hang the bed from the roof. See the following site for the complete instructions to finish this project.

Canopy Daybed

The next project is a daybed with a canopy so you can be protected from the sun while relaxing on it. This bed can be made in any size or shape, like a round or standard-shaped bed, depending on your preferences.

This bed can also be placed next to the pool if you use weatherproof materials, plastic curtains, and even a pool mattress. You will notice we did not indicate the amount of wood needed. That is because you need to first decide the size and shape of the daybed.

List Of Materials

  • Wood
  • One box of 2-inch screws
  • One box of nails for outdoor use
  • 4 small hooks 
  • 120 grit sandpaper
  • Wood glue and filler
  • Outdoor fabric
  • Small mattress
  • Cushions
  • Curtains
  • Paint & primer for finishing or just varnish

Tools Used

The first step is to decide what size bed you want and then cut the timber to the desired sizes. After you cut the wood to the right sizes with the miter saw, you can sand the rough edges to smooth the timber.

Put everything in place, keep it in place, square with a few clamps, and secure everything with the screws. Next, you can drill the pocket holes by using the Kreg jig HD for quick and easy attachments.

The best part is when you start to put everything together, such as creating the base and the sides of the bed. Please make sure you add support to the base by adding cross pieces a few inches apart, which will make it sturdier. 

To keep the bed off the ground, you can add foot support in the shape of a C on the sides and in the center. The sides and top part of the canopy can now be added to complete the assembly.

Your canopy daybed should look more or less like the one in the picture when you are done.

At this point, you can paint the base and the canopy the color you want or simply apply varnish for a natural look. Before you apply the finish, make sure that you have filled all the holes with wood filler so it will look nicer.

If you decide to paint it, you should first add the primer and two or three coats of paint, so the wood does not show. To make it a cabana-style daybed, you can attach the cladding and the roof and secure it with the nails.

If you decide on a round bed, check out this one to give you some idea and get your imagination working.

Image Source: 20 DIY Outdoor Bed Projects & Ideas! | Balcony Garden Web

When everything is assembled and attached, you can add the mattress and enjoy your self-made outdoor daybed. The complete instructions for this very nice and handy outdoor canopy daybed can be found here.

pallet sofa and table

List Of Great Outdoor Daybed Ideas

The following is a list of great ideas for those interested in adding a daybed in their yard to relax on off days.

Platform Sofa And Daybed

This will be the ideal place to spend your alone time and it can also be used as a hangout place when friends come over. You can create this from any wood and minimal tools are needed to complete this project.

A standard DIY cordless drill and screwdriver will help you complete this project in less than a day. You will only need some primer and paint to add some finishing touches or apply varnish with a standard brush for a natural look.

Semi-gloss paint will give you a matt finish while you have many different colors to choose from.

Trampoline Daybed

Converting a trampoline in the backyard into a daybed with a nice canopy will add a new dimension to your yard. You can easily add a canopy to it by fitting any large tent like this one, and you have a safe daybed.

This project will cost you only the money for the supplies and will not take much of your time to complete. You can add a simple outdoor air mattress to this setup to make it even easier, and you have a nice place to relax.

With this project, you do not even need any woodworking skills, just a little bit of imagination, and you have a daybed. What is great about this daybed is that the parts you add together are all waterproof and made to be used outdoors.

Pallet Base Bed

If you have a few old pallets just standing there in the garden shed, you can use them to make a nice outdoor daybed. Just use a DIY orbit sander like this one from Black&Decker to smooth the wood and get rid of the rough edges.

By using clear varnish, you can make the bed look like a cottage bed with that special wood look and feel. Those who are used to making their things would rather use a specially designed brush for wood varnishing projects.

You can even add a headrest and some nightstands made from pallet cut-offs to this project if you feel like going all out.

Grass Daybed

A grass daybed on the patio or anywhere in the backyard will be a great option for grass lovers. Instead of using an outdoor plastic mattress or air mattress, you can lay some great grass on top of the bed.

The possibilities are endless with this artificial grass turf. You can buy turf or you can use real grass. The problem with real grass is that you will have to lay the dirt and then plant the grass on it for a good effect.

But when you use artificial grass, you can simply lay it on top of any bed that can be used outdoors. You can even restore an old bed for this project, which will cost you very little time and effort.


As you can see, there are endless ideas to create a unique outdoor daybed without too much effort. Some of the ideas at your disposal may not even cost you that much money because you can use old parts.

Hopefully, this article will help to get the creative juices running so you can come up with something unique.

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