DIY Outdoor Storage Bench

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Having extra storage is always a bonus, especially if it is hidden inside a bench and can be used outdoors. This is why we came up with the idea to list some of the many popular projects to make your own creations.

We focused on those projects that do not need a lot of experience so they can be done by most people out there. We also considered the cost and time factors not to discourage those DIYers who do not have much free time.

Read on to see if you can find an outdoor storage bench project that falls within your budget and time frame.

List Of Great DIY Outdoor Storage Bench Projects

With so many great projects available that range from quick and easy to very difficult levels, we narrowed it down to these. You might find one that suits your skillset or fancy your interest, so go ahead and look at them.

Easy And Minimalistic Outdoor Storage Bench

For this project, you will need the standard tools found in the workshops of most DIYers out there. If you are new to this, you should buy yourself a nice drill and driver set to help you get most of the job done.

This is a standard chest-type bench with a large storage space hidden under the seating for larger tools and other items. To make this project durable and sturdy, you will need large and strong hinges to support the lid/ seating of the bench.

You will also need to have some experience working with wood but don’t stress if you are a complete beginner. Take a look at the plans for this project, and only if you understand what is said can you proceed.

Because it is not a difficult outdoor storage bench to make, you can use this as a starting place for many projects in the future. We all must start somewhere, and this easy project is as good as any to get you started on a lifelong journey.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can either paint this storage bench or give it a nice varnish coat. You can leave the seating as it is or add a waterproof cushion, and if you want a larger bench, adjust the sizes.

Classic Outdoor Storage Bench

This project will take more time, so you can always try it out over a weekend if you plan to do this one. Or, you can break it up and work an hour or two every day until you are finished with it.

This is your project, and you can finish it quickly or take as long as you need to do a good job. This is a standard-size bench with a backrest and armrests at the sides with a large outdoor storage box beneath it.

If you follow the steps provided in this instruction, it will not be that difficult, and you will learn a lot from it. Apart from the standard DIY tools, you will also need a nice sander to smooth the rough edges and make it look more professional.

You will also notice that the storage box added to the bench does not go down to the floor. The legs of the bench add some stability and will help to support the weight of the contents of the storage box.

With this project, you can give free rein to your imagination and paint it in your favorite choice of color. You can also add a waterproof finish to your bench so it can be safe outdoors and withstand different weather conditions.

Different types of wood can be used with this project, so you are not stuck with just one option.

The detail of the storage bench in the backyard

Large Garden Storage Bench

This project consists of two 48-inch wide garden benches with backrests but without armrests on the sides. If you feel up to it, you can easily add some armrests to the benches if you have some experience with this project.

For the seating area, you can either leave it just like that or add some loose outdoor cushions for softer seating. A nice waterproof, high back cushion can be added for those who need some back support with different color options to fit in.

Adding to the comfort, this storage bench is made with an angled back instead of the standard straight-up option. These garden benches with storage are plain and without too many add-ons and are quite easy to put together, which is great for beginners.

A good quality outdoor paint available in various colors to give you a range of options will cover the plain wood. Furthermore, a good two-in-one varnish and primer finish will also give it a nice and professional look and fit in with most gardens. 

You can also easily change the sizes if you want a wider seat for more storage and seating space. You will find everything you need to finish this project here with options between a large and smaller seating outdoor garden storage bench.

L-Shaped Porch Storage Bench

This project will take some time and is not suited for those with no previous experience with woodworking projects. But those beginners out there who feel up to the task can also try it out. Just follow the instructions thoroughly.

Keep in mind that this outdoor storage bench can be built anywhere outside, on a deck, not just on the front or back porch. It displays very well and will make a nice addition to any outdoor environment while it improves your home and yard.

This bench will be 8 feet on the long side and only 40 inches on the short side to give you the standard L-shape. If you want to add seating on a front or back porch with a long open space against the wall, this is a great option.

You will need a lot of wood for this project. Hopefully, you have some spare, or else you will need to buy all of it. Plywood comes in 16-inch strips, making it convenient for a 16-inch high bench without wasting cut-offs.

To complete this project, you will need the standard DIY set of hand and electric tools and a few clamps as extra hands. A nice set of woodworkers clamps will come in handy and go a long way to fish this project.

Take your time with this project to make sure it comes out perfect, and you will have something to brag about.

Outdoor Storage Bench Made From Trunk

Don’t feel out if you are like many of us who do not have any tech-savvy experience making your wood benches. There is a project for all types of people, even those with no woodworking skills.

You can use an old storage trunk and make it waterproof by painting it with the right paint or other types of protection. If you have a nice wooden trunk, you can keep it authentic by using a clear weatherproof finish.

A good-quality paintbrush specially made for varnishing will be a good addition for future decorating jobs. You can also add a nice soft eating option with a good outdoor cushion available in a variety of colors.

You should also find one available in different sizes to fit perfectly on top of the storage trunk. We found this one that might be a good option for seating on your makeshift outdoor storage bench.

If you do not have an old trunk at home, you easily find a nice one here that may be suitable for you.


Hopefully, this list of DIY outdoor storage bench ideas will help you choose one that looks great at your place. The ones mentioned here will at least give you something to start with and give you nice ideas for future projects.

Go ahead and make your own outdoor storage bench, so you have something to show off to your friends and family.

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