2 Classic DIY Outdoor Bar Stools

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Lounging in an outdoor bar stool sounds like a good idea, especially when you’re enjoying a great day out with friends or family. Eating barbeque in the backyard or holding a picnic in the garden won’t be complete without an outdoor table and the right set of outdoor bar stools to match them.

With DIY outdoor bar stools, you’ll be able to have the perfect seats for a good day outside. You’ll even be able to match them to your décor, design them however you want, and add extra functionalities for added comfort.

Check out these two basic DIY outdoor bar stools that can be a perfect addition to your outdoor space.

DIY Outdoor Bar Stools

DIY Square Outdoor Bar Stool

This square bar stool sports a classic, timeless design. It’s also effortless to make, as it uses a few materials that you can obtain easily. You can also make this outdoor bar stool in less than an hour. And if you plan to make many bar tools of the same design, that’s also perfectly possible and won’t require much time.

Due to this stool’s wooden build, it can easily add to your outdoor space’s character. It is an especially great choice if you have wooden outdoor tables, which you plan to match or complement.

To make this bar stool, here are the materials you need to prepare:

Note: If you want to make four stools, simply multiply the numbers on this list by four.

Additionally, here are some tools to prepare:

To make this square outdoor bar stool, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Sand the rough edges of each wood.

Step 2: Once ready, place two 24” 2x2s parallel to each other atop a flat surface. Position these such that an 11.5” piece can be placed on top of each one to fully connect the two 2x2s.

Step 3: Afterward, use a drill to create a hole through the top of the 24” 2×2, directly going into the 11.5” piece.

Step 4: Use wood glue to attach both pieces. Then, use a 3” screw in the pre-drilled hole to connect both pieces.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 2 to 3 for the other 24” 2×2 piece on the opposite end of the 11.5” piece.

Step 6: Once done, glue another 11.5” piece, around six inches from the bottom of the frames. After gluing, make sure to also pre-drill a hole on either side of the 11.5” piece.

Step 7: Insert a 3” screw into the pre-drilled holes at either side of the 11.5” piece to attach the pieces properly.

Step 8: Once this is done, the first side of the bar stool is complete. Repeat Steps 2 to 7 to create an identical side piece.

Step 9: Once you have two working frames, get one frame and attach four 7.75” pieces perpendicular to each wood intersection. These four pieces will become the spaces in between the two frames we created earlier.

Step 10: Glue the four pieces to the first frame, then pre-drill holes where you will insert the screws. When pre-drilling, make sure to avoid existing screws in the frames (the ones made earlier to attach pieces of wood).

Step 11: Next, insert screws into the pre-drilled holes.

Step 12: Once fully attached, place the other frame directly over the four 7.75” pieces. The frame should also be directly aligned with the other frame.

Step 13: Glue the new frame where it meets the 7.75” pieces and then pre-drill holes on each side as well.

Step 14: Insert a 3” screw into each hole for a sturdy, complete fit.

Step 15: Once done, the frame can now stand upright on the floor. Make sure to place the open end of the chair flat on the floor.

Step 16: Place three 15” 1×4 slats atop the frame, ensuring they are equidistant to each other. This will form the seat of your bar stool.

Step 17: Next, glue the slats into the frame, then pre-drill two holes for each end of each slat.

Step 18: Finally, screw 1.5” screws into the pre-drilled holes. Repeat Steps 1 through 18 if you’re planning to make more bar stools.

Once done, wipe excess dust from the chair, then use varnish or paint of your choice.

DIY Outdoor Bar Stool with Backrest

Looking for an outdoor bar stool that’s more functional? Something with a backrest, perhaps? Like the first one, you can make this next outdoor bar stool quickly and easily. What’s more is that it features a backrest for added functionality. Also made of wood, it can add a nice touch to any outdoor area, especially if you have a wooden table.

To make this outdoor bar stool, first prepare the following tools and materials:


  • (2) 42” (for back legs)
  • (2) 28 ½” (for front legs)
  • (6) 11” (for back and front boards)
  • (4) 13” (for sideboards)
  • (2) 14 ½” (for outside seat boards)
  • (3) 16” (for inside seat boards)
  • (2) 15” (for seat support)


Once these are prepared, you can now proceed to build your very own outdoor bar stool with a backrest. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Drill pocket holes in each of the boards, save for the legs and seat boards. An easy way to do this would be by using a Kreg Jig on a 1 ½ inch setting on both the jig and stop collar.

Step 2: Create the frame for the front and back sections of the chair. For the rear frame, prepare two 42” boards parallel to each other.

Step 3: Place four 11” boards between the two 42” boards. Place the first 11” board six inches from the bottom of the two boards. Then, place the following 11” board 15 ½ inches from the first 11” board.

After that, place the third board 4 ½ inches from the second board. The last 11” board will connect the top parts of the two 42” boards, making sure it’s aligned with the top parts of both boards.

Step 4: For the front section, prepare two 28 ½” boards and place them parallel to each other.

Step 5: Use two 11” boards to connect the 28 ½” boards. Place the first one six inches from the bottom. Then, use the second one to connect the top parts of the parallel boards, ensuring that the top part of the 11” board is aligned with the top part of the parallel boards.

Step 6: You can now attach the front and back sections to each other. Attach the four sideboards perpendicular to the rear frame, making sure they connect properly to the areas of the front frame where the wooden boards intersect.

Step 7: Use wood glue, as well as 2 ½” Kreg screws, to attach them. You now have your base frame. The excess area from the rear frame serves as the backrest.

Step 8: Attach the two 15” seat supports at the left and right side of the area where you will be sitting. Use glue and two 2 ½” wood screws.

Step 9: Finally, attach the three 16” seat boards in between the seat supports, making sure they are all evenly spaced from each other. You can now use a seal, such as Helmsman Spar Urethane from Minwax, or a different stain to coat your outdoor bar stool.


Creating your own outdoor bar stools may seem like a daunting, challenging task, but it can be straightforward, too. These basic outdoor bar stools feature classic, functional designs that definitely won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Building your own bar stools not only lets you add flair to your outdoor space. They also allow you to spend a wonderful time outside the house with people close to you. The best part? You don’t have to spend much to transform your outdoor space into a cozier spot for your family and friends.

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