DIY Outdoor Storage Box Ideas and Multipurpose Hacks

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An outdoor storage box provides space for everything you want to store outside and keep at an arm’s reach.

There might come a time when you need a DIY outdoor storage box to store all your outdoor activities stuff.

If that time is now, we’re here to help you rack your brain for some interesting ideas that would bring out your inner handyman.

With inspiration from the following storage solutions, it doesn’t matter what items you want to store.

DIY Outdoor Storage Box Ideas

The goal here is to organize items that you frequently use outdoors.

It all falls to the decision of having a multifunctional piece or something that solely serves as a typical storage box.

Since a storage box can be very bulky, you might consider having a different purpose for the container.

Check out the following ideas and the corresponding shortlists of items you might need.

Wood Crate Coffee Table

For this project, you will need four recycled wooden crates of the same size, refurbished with a paint color of your choice.

Arrange the crates with one long side on a flat surface, one short side abutting the bottom of another crate, and their openings facing outward.

In this configuration, the crates will form a perfect square tabletop with a hole in the middle and storage compartments on all four sides.

Secure this arrangement by gluing every short side to the adjoining bottom of the crate beside.

If you want this storage table to be movable, affix the same configuration atop a similar-sized plywood trim with rubber casters beneath the four corners.

Storage Box Bench

With marine plywood, a circular saw, a power drill, and some screws, you can assemble a storage box that could double as a bench.

You can even choose between a removable or hinged lid, and you can also add casters for easy transfers.

If you do not mind assembling an internal frame into the storage box, you can use reclaimed wood planks instead of plywood.

For comfortable seating, your end product should have a height of 17.75 inches and a depth of at least 16.25 inches.

Additionally, since you will be placing the plywood box outdoors, you can take more years out of it by applying several layers of sealing compound.

Modular Storage Bench

After building several storage box benches, you can have an outdoor sectional sofa that provides a wide communal area and a ton of storage space.

Like closet organizers, DIY storage boxes can also accommodate all sorts of items in an organized manner.

If you want to store items of varying types and sizes, you can make these storage boxes more modular by fabricating removable inserts.

Arrange these benches into the corners of your patio in different configurations to fit your space.

Of course, it would not be a sectional sofa without some soft furnishings, such as customized seat cushions and throw pillows.

Then, you can always store the soft furnishings in the storage compartments whenever bad weather strikes.

The Bench-Table-Box Trio

If a DIY storage box can double as a low table, it can also have the dimensions of a bench.

As long as the tabletop height does not exceed 18 inches, it should offer a comfortable sitting area when every other seat becomes unavailable.

Concealed Deck Storage

Another purpose of a storage container is to conceal clutter.

There are simply plenty of outdoor household items that you do not need several times a week. Such items include swimming pool toys, gardening tools, and camping gear.

If you’re looking for a portion of dead space to convert into storage compartments, look no further than your raised wooden deck.

You can cut the floor planks along the edges of the floor joists and assemble the cut pieces into a lid.

Alternatively, you can use a portion of the stairs on your raised deck as a concealed storage space.

A part of the runners will serve as the lid.

Don’t forget to assemble the container beneath the lid before affixing it on one side with a pair of soft-closing cabinet hinges.

The compartment below can be a fixed wooden box with a drain or a grated metal tray.

diy outdoor storage boxes

Crawl Space Drawer

For some people, it is not practical to bend over and kneel to access crawl space storage through surface lids on a raised floor.

In such cases, having drawers along the sides of your house is an excellent solution.

Unlike freestanding storage boxes, drawers built into existing structures do not occupy additional space.

Instead, these drawers only occupy a portion of the seldom-used crawl space, converting it into functional storage.

Assemble the drawers with plywood, and check that you have the right length of drawer tracks for the depth of each drawer.

Since the crawl space receives the bulk of dust from the raised floor, we only recommend storing items that you wouldn’t mind collecting dust.

Pirate’s Treasure Chest

For a family with kids who love outdoor toys, there is always clutter that needs putting away out of sight.

A pirate-style treasure chest is an easy decorative solution to keep kids interested in knowing where to put their stuff after playtime.

To make it look more realistic, attach some vintage accessories, such as an antique bronze hasp buckle pad.

Additionally, you can stain the wood with a dark shade for a more rustic feel.

Build the treasure chest like you would any other wooden box, but be mindful of the largest toys that need storage.

While it can also double as a bench, the treasure chest need not have the comfortable dimensions for sitting.

Planter Storage Box

If you are looking for a different way of crafting an inconspicuous storage box, you can also make a container that functions as a planter.

Allot an adequate portion of the box’s top to hold enough planting soil, fillers, a drainage layer, and a waterproofing layer.

The depth of the planting soil and fillers will dictate which types of plants you can add to the planter.

While the drainage layer ensures that the plants’ roots get enough air, the waterproofing layer keeps everything stored below dry.

You can use heavy-duty greenhouse polyethylene sheets as the waterproofing layer.

Assemble the drainage layer with evenly-positioned holes below the soil compartment, and add a sloped layer of plywood to hold the greenhouse plastic.

Finally, leave a five-millimeter slat on the side along the sloped layer’s bottom edge to allow water to drain on one side.

When it comes to assembling the storage compartment, the choice is completely yours.

You can build shelves, cabinets, or drawers depending on the items you plan to store.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

These DIY outdoor storage box ideas provide ways to keep stuff out of sight while serving a different purpose.

No matter what size items you need to store, these solutions are perfect for keeping clutter away.

However, if you need to put items on display, you’ll find better use of some DIY outdoor shelves.

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