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Whether you own two or 20 pairs of shoes, a shoe rack is a vital storage device that provides adequate space for your shoes and keeps the room organized. Most people, however, don’t understand how necessary and convenient these racks can be. For instance, you can conveniently arrange your footwear according to fashion or other preferences, and it is easy to locate the ideal pair during busy mornings. 

We aim to help you line your shoes up in style and in a cost-effective manner. Many shoe racks available come in various shapes, sizes, and utilities. Today, however, we will look at how to bring out your creative side and design a simple, stylish, and functional shoe rack for your footwear. Here are some simple DIY shoe organizer solutions to try. 

Simple DIY Shoe Rack 

Let’s begin with the basics and learn how to design a shoe rack that you can customize to look like those from your favorite brand. For this project, you’ll need lumber, a circular saw, a miter saw, a drill, finish nails, screws, and a hammer. 

The first step is always to develop a plan considering various factors such as the pairs of shoes and available space. After that, assemble your lumber and make cuts according to your project. Ensure you have the base support, the sides, shelves, and top pieces. 

Next is to attach one side to the base and then the shelves to the sides, using your drill and screws. Then, fit the remaining side and attach the front rim to complete your shoe rack. You’ll notice that you have a basic rack design and it’s up to you to take your creativity further and customize the structure. 

For instance, feel free to make trims and use them to design the faces by creating interesting patterns. Don’t forget to sand your shoe rack and apply varnish or preferred colors to make it appealing. Always stick to a color scheme matching the space and décor. 

DIY Closet Shoe Shelf 

Instead of building a stand-alone shoe rack, it is possible to modify your current closet to offer more space to store your footwear. The first step is to measure the closet space and determine the depth and width of the available space. 

After that, cut your boards to ensure they perfectly fit the space; you’ll need one or two shelves and three mounting trims to act as the supporting brackets. Finally, this is the time to vanish or paint these pieces and let them dry completely. 

Once they are dry, use your drill to make holes on the sides of the closet for the supports. Make sure you place the holes at the same height on all three sides. Next is to screw the supporting rims to the sides to create strong support for the shelf. Finally, place your stand on the edges and screw it to complete your shoe rack. 

Repeat the same procedure for the next shelf if you have more shoes and need more space. The good thing about this process is it requires no skills or experience to create the rack. However, you’ll have to allocate the available space adequately, leaving enough room for clothes and other accessories. 

Old wooden shoebox near a wooden cottage on a farm.

DIY Entryway Bench Shoe Rack

It’s time to create a unique, simple, functional shoe rack using plywood, paint, a tape measure, a miter saw, a power drill, and screws. These are the tools you need to create a show organization that’s coming up. 

Begin by using your miter saw to make plywood trims of the same size. Next is to secure the frames on the wall at an equidistance, leaving some allowance between two corresponding edges. These plywood pieces are to act as support for the plywood shelves. Then stick the shelves between the trims and make sure you apply enough pressure to secure a tight fit. Your shoe rack is done!

This process is easy and fast, predominantly if you have already determined the shoe rack pattern to follow. You can choose to be creative and arrange the shelves alternatingly or as a stairway pattern. Don’t forget to sand the rack to give it a smooth look. 

DIY Milk Crates and Zip Ties Shoe Rack 

For this interesting DIY project, you’ll need four milk crates, zip ties, scissors, a drill gun, and lumber. Begin by laying two milk crates side by side, then drill a hole through the base of each. Step two is to slide the zip ties through the holes to make them tight. Pro tip: slide the ties through the existing holes for extra stability. Repeat the same process for the remaining two crates and attach the pieces to create a square design. 

After that, cut the lumber according to the width of the crates, place it along with one of the widths, and screw it into the crates. You now have a unique shoe rack made from quality milk crates and the lumber can act as a tabletop for placing other accessories. 

Ideas That Inspire 

All the DIY shoe rack procedures above are simple and don’t need special skills or tools. Apart from that, they are easy to follow through and implement in almost all spaces. A shoe rack is a game-changer since it allows you to organize your footwear easily. There’s nothing better than getting creative and designing a shoe rack that provides enough storage space and meets your preferences. 

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