11 DIY Pallet Outdoor Furniture Ideas

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Wood pallets are a fantastic resource for DIY projects. They are readily available, often free or very inexpensive, easy to take apart and repurpose. Because pallets already have a basic structure, they can be stacked or set up to use in various ways, or they can be disassembled with simple tools and be completely rebuilt.

Here are eleven great DIY pallet outdoor furniture ideas to inspire you to start making your own wood pallet furniture.

How to Repurpose Wood Pallets

Many of our favorite DIY pallet furniture projects don’t require special tools or equipment, but some basic tools and knowledge will help you use pallets in more creative and challenging ways.

Disassembling a wood pallet to re-use the wood isn’t easy. To do it manually, you need at least:

This method requires a lot of physical strength, and disassembling a pallet by pounding and prying at it risks damaging some of the boards.

A faster and easier way is to use a reciprocating saw. A good reciprocating saw lets you simply cut through the nails that hold the pallet together and allows you to cut the wood pallet itself; it’s an excellent investment if you plan to use wood pallets for a range of DIY projects.

However, you may not always want to cut the nails in a pallet – entirely removing the nails is safer and makes it easier to repurpose the wood for other projects.

For people who work with many wood pallets and want to disassemble them quickly, cleanly, and easily, a pallet buster is the best tool. Pallet busters are specifically designed to quickly and cleanly disassemble pallets, reclaim the wood without damaging it, and remove the nails in seconds. 

DIY Outdoor Pallet Furniture Ideas

DIY Pallet Outdoor Bar

Building a DIY outdoor bar from wood pallets is a great project. You can disassemble the pallet and repurpose the wood to create a bar, or simply place the pallets on their ends, secure them with brackets and add wood boards to make a bar top surface.

This is an excellent project for repurposing flat stone pavers or leftover countertop materials, which can be added to the bar with construction adhesive.

DIY Pallet Bar Stools

If you are building a DIY outdoor bar from wood pallets, it’s best to complete the set with bar stools. Bar stools are a slightly more complex project because they require disassembling wood pallets and cutting the boards to size.

For extra strength, frame the stools with 2×4 panels and use pallet wood for seats, stretchers, and stool backs. To make the seats more comfortable, use an orbital sander to prevent splinters and rough edges.

DIY Pallet Outdoor Dining Table

To make a DIY outdoor dining table from wood pallets, you can disassemble the pallet and repurpose the wood to build a table, or leave the pallet intact and use 2x4s or 4x4s to build legs and the supportive structure beneath it.

To finish the table, sand it smooth, and consider sanding or routing the table edges to add a softer curve.

DIY Pallet Outdoor Seats

Turning a pallet into a comfortable DIY outdoor chair is an easy project if you have a power saw and some corner bracing brackets. The fastest way to do it is to cut the pallet in half the short way, leaving the long-facing boards intact.

Then place half the pallet upright to act as a chair back and secure it in place with screws and brackets. Place boards, cinderblocks, or half-pallets beneath the seat to raise it to a comfortable height, and you’re done! 

DIY Pallet Outdoor Furniture

DIY Pallet Outdoor Couch

Wood pallets are the fastest, easiest, most affordable way to make an outdoor couch, and it’s easy to build a large DIY outdoor couch or sectional sofa from wood pallets. The simplest way to do it is to stack pallets 2-3 pallets high and make a row of the stacks.

Feel free to add a curve or corner to the placement to best fit your space. Place upright pallets behind the flat stacks to make the back of your couch, and secure them in place with screws or brackets. Add outdoor cushions to create a comfortable seating area, and enjoy your outdoor sofa. 

DIY Pallet Outdoor Coffee Table

A wood pallet can be placed on 4×4 legs or simply stacked and secured to create a DIY outdoor coffee table. Consider keeping your coffee table comfortable and easy to clean by adding an acrylic sheet as a tabletop or adding wheels so you can easily move your coffee table as needed.

DIY Pallet Outdoor Storage Shelves

For compact, attractive display shelves, remove the boards from one side of a wood pallet, exposing the interior supports. Place the pallet on its end, and use the removed boards to build horizontal shelves inside the pallet.

It’s a great way to store and display plants, lanterns, and other small items outdoors. For bigger, more robust shelves, cut a pallet into three equally-sized segments. Use 2x4s or 4x4s to build legs and a frame, and use the pallet segments as shelves. Secure the pallets with carriage bolts for strength and stability.

DIY Pallet Outdoor Porch Swing

A DIY outdoor pallet swing is a fun and easy project, provided you have a ceiling joist with enough strength to support it. You can make a flat swing by leaving the pallet as it is or cut the pallet in half to make a bench.

Add heavy-duty eye bolts and use a hanging kit to suspend your DIY wood pallet porch swing. Add comfortable cushions, and enjoy!

DIY Pallet Outdoor Wall Planter

A wall planter is a wonderful way to add color and lush greenery to even a small outdoor patio or balcony, and it’s incredibly easy to build with wood pallets. The fastest way to do it is to place a pallet upright and hang plant pouches on the inside, allowing plants to peep out through the horizontal pallet slats.

To make a larger outdoor wall planter with more room for plant roots, lay a pallet flat and wrap the back and sides with landscape fabric, securing the material in place with heavy-duty staples.

Fill the pallet from the top with potting soil, and plant your plants tightly in the spaces between the slats. Keep the pallet well-watered for a week or two until the plants have developed roots and are secured in place, then stand the pallet up for a vertical garden.

DIY Pallet Outdoor Beverage Cart

An outdoor beverage cart is an excellent alternative to an outdoor bar, or a compliment to an existing outdoor bar, allowing you to keep drinks, snacks, and other items conveniently close-by.

To make a DIY outdoor bar cart from wood pallets, disassemble a pallet and build a three-shelf cart from the boards. Add caster wheels, and consider accessorizing with attached bottle openers, towel hooks or racks, a wine glass rack, or even a built-in ice bucket

DIY Pallet Outdoor Day Bed

A wood pallet makes an excellent platform for an open and comfortable outdoor day bed. To make a wood pallet outdoor day bed, lay out your wood pallets the size of your mattress. You may need to cut the pallets to fit.

Secure the pallet platform with screws and flat brackets. Add vertical pallets to the back and sides of your day bed, holding them in place with corner brackets. Consider adding a taller vertical frame around your DIY outdoor day bed.

You can use 2x4s or PVC pipe to make a canopy suitable for hanging curtains, mosquito netting, twinkle lights, solar lanterns, or other accessories to make your outdoor day bed a welcoming and cozy spot for relaxing.


These DIY outdoor wood pallet furniture projects will help you gather with friends and family, relaxing, entertaining, and making the most of your outdoor space. Wood pallets are a great way to learn simple woodworking skills and build your own affordable outdoor furniture.

There are options for simple DIY outdoor pallet furniture or more complex projects that require more time, materials, and skill. Whatever your experience level, there are so many ways to use wood pallets to enhance your outdoor living; there’s no reason to not start a DIY outdoor furniture project today.

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