3 DIY Paint Organizer Hacks

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Are you having a difficult time looking for the exact shade of paint you need for your project? Are you looking for an easier, more organized way of storing your paint?

You can try your hand at making DIY paint organizers to say goodbye to these problems finally. Paint organizers help keep your collection more orderly, especially if you use paints in different shades and colors.

With paint organizers, you can arrange your craft paints by hue, allowing you to access them more easily when you need them. They’re also great in ensuring you don’t misplace other paint tubes or bottles.

DIY Paint Organizers

Curious to know how to make your own paint organizer? Check out the ideas below.

1. DIY Craft Paint Organizer

This DIY craft paint organizer is perfect if you have many craft paints, with different shades for each color. It is also very beginner-friendly, as it doesn’t require any complicated woodworking.

What You’ll Need

To create this organizer, you will need a 2 x 4 feet wood board. You can buy this precut from the hardware store or use spare wood at home if that’s what you prefer.

You should also prepare wire bins; the number you will use is up to you, as long as they fit on the wood board. Also, get some flat screws for attaching the wire bins to the board.

What You Should Do

Layout the wire bins on the wood board in a way that would allow you to maximize the space. Remember, the wire bins will get heavy with paint, so it’s best to lay them flat with their base on the board. You can attach them using the area with the biggest surface area.

Once you’re sure about your layout, use flat head screws to secure each bin in place. Mount the board on the wall. Then, put the craft paints into the bins, allotting one bin for one specific color. You can also add designs to the board if you want.

diy paint organizer

2. DIY Hanging Paint Storage

Have wire racks at home? You can repurpose them as a craft paint organizer. After all, the spaces in wire racks fit craft paints perfectly.

What You Need To Do

You can use wire racks as paint storage in two ways. First, you can use PVC pipe caps, and a ¾” diameter PVC pipe to pin two wire racks to the wall, Ensure there’s ample distance between the racks for it to hold your craft paints.

Cut four pieces of 3” PVC pipes. For each piece, cut ¼” wide notches halfway into the pipe, where you will hang the wire racks from.

Create four notches, which will be placed on four corners of the wire racks. Cover both ends with pipe caps, which will help mount the PVC pipe and wire racks onto the wall.

Alternatively, you can create a wooden frame 3½” wide. This can just be made from plywood.

Simply measure your wire rack’s length, and create two grooves, spaced an inch apart, on the top and bottom of your frame, which will hold the wire racks in place.

You can opt to add plywood at the back of the wire frames or simply leave it open and mount it against the wall. Fill the spaces in between the wire racks with craft paint.

Atop the storage, you can even put ornaments like picture frames or little plants for an extra pop of color.

3. DIY Craft Paint Storage With PVC Pipe

If you have spare PVC pipes at home, this project is the perfect way to repurpose them. You can use as many PVC pipe couplings as you need.

They can hold anything smaller than your pipe’s circumference. Plus, you’re free to design the pipes however you want.

What You Need To Do

All you need to do is get the PVC pipe couplings and make sure they have the same size. Then, arrange the PVC pipe couplings side by side.

You can also arrange them in a couple of tiers. For example, three pipes on top, seven in the middle, and three again at the bottom row.

Use your imagination on what design to use for this project. Then, once you’re settled, glue the pipes together using strong glue, like E6000 glue.

While waiting for the paint to dry, you may want to use something to keep the pipes in place and prevent them from rolling over to different sides. When the paint dries, you can now design the pipes however you want.

We recommend using washi tapes or gift wrappers to add color to your pipes. You can then place your craft paints in each pipe, making sure to group paints of the same color together.

You’re also free to hang the pipes on the wall or position them at the edge of your table, just against the wall.

2. DIY Craft Paint Wall Organizer

Are you looking for a paint organizer that won’t take up too much space?

You can hang this DIY craft paint wall near your workstation, so your paint collection is at arm’s reach. It is also perfect if you want your paint organizer at eye level.

What’s great about this paint storage is that you can do it using only two materials: a thick board, as well as a 13/8” Forstner bit. All you need to do is mark the areas you’ll drill a hole into; these holes are where you will store your craft paint.

Then, use a Forstner bit to drill these holes. Once you’re drilling the holes, you’ll also be done with your paint organizer.

You’re now free to hang it on the wall or store it wherever you want. You can place your paints on the holes, too, in any order you see fit.

3. DIY Craft Paint Storage Cube

If you’re a fan of woodworks, you’ll definitely love this storage cube. It’s an excellent option for storing craft paints and organizing other items you have.

This paint organizer features a square frame, at around 4¼” inches on each side. The good thing about this organizer is that it’s made from scrap plywood.

You’re also free to change the dimensions as you please. Therefore, there’s absolutely no need to shell out any money for this project.

The space inside the frame is divided into nine equal sections, three rows and three columns, where you’re free to store your craft paint. You can opt to arrange your paints by color, how often you use them, or any iteration that works for you.

Another great thing about this cube is that it’s a blank canvas. You can design the cube according to your preference, either through painting or lining the edges with washi tape. You’re completely free to do whatever you want with it.

Once you’re done, you can leave this storage cube on the floor and stacked against the wall. You can also hang it near your art or workstation so that your paints are easily within your reach.


Different shades of paint are quite normal for any artist. The struggle starts when you can’t locate the specific shade you need because your paints are a jumbled mess inside your drawer.

Luckily, with DIY paint organizers, you won’t have to deal with this problem anymore. You can now separate your paints by color, arrange them depending on their shade, and be free to pick out the paint you need any time, without difficulty.

Get ready to feel the improvement in your painting experience, thanks to these paint racks and organizers.

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