19 DIY Jewelry Organizer Projects

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A jewelry box is a traditional way to keep jewelry tidy and protected, but a jewelry organizer has many advantages over a box. A jewelry organizer allows you to store delicate necklaces and earrings without tangling them, making it easier to care for long, complex, and delicate pieces.

A jewelry organizer also makes it easy to find your favorite pieces at a glance, saving you time choosing your accessories.

Finally, a jewelry organizer can turn your jewelry into an attractive display, hanging it from the wall or using it as tabletop décor on your vanity, showing off your beautiful jewelry even when you aren’t wearing it.

There are hundreds of ways of making your own DIY jewelry organizer, and here 19 DIY jewelry organizer projects to inspire your creativity.

DIY Jewelry Organizer Projects

DIY Jewelry Organizer From a Shadow Box

A shadowbox makes a beautiful jewelry organizer. Simply get a shadow box or create your own by using hinges to attach two picture frames together. Use pins or small hooks to hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, keeping them organized, protected, and beautifully displayed.

DIY Jewelry Organizer From an Embroidery Hoop

If you have some wooden embroidery hoops, they can make versatile and clever jewelry organizers. Use the embroidery hoop to stretch a piece of lace and hang earrings through the lace for a convenient display.

Add mini hooks to the bottom of the embroidery hoop to hang additional items like bracelets and necklaces.

DIY Jewelry Organizer From a Picture Frame

A picture frame is a great way to organize and display jewelry and a great way to repurpose old or thrifted picture frames. Remove the glass from the frame, and add small eye screws to both sides of the frame opening.

Hang string, cord, or an attractive chain between the eye screws, making 2-3 lines across the picture frame’s opening. Hang jewelry directly from the chain, or use small S hooks to make it easier to add and remove items.

DIY Jewelry Organizer Ring Stand From Plaster

Hand-shaped ring stands are incredibly popular and very easy to make yourself. Use a sturdy rubber cleaning glove and fill it with plaster of Paris, allowing it to dry completely before removing your plaster hand.

You can also use a ready-made hand casting kit for a faster process and more natural, detailed hand shapes.

Once you have removed your plaster hand from the mold, sand it smooth and flatten the base. If you want, finish the hand with a glossy varnish or paint it. Use it to display finger rings and as a conversation piece.

DIY Rustic Jewelry Organizer From Driftwood

Naturally aged wood is beautiful and a great way to display jewelry. Tie cord or string to both ends of a piece of natural wood to hang it from the wall. Add a row of screw-in hooks along the wood to hold your jewelry.

This method looks especially attractive when you can hang a few pieces of wood together in a grouping.

DIY Industrial Pipe Jewelry Organizer

Pipe brackets designed for floating shelves can be a great way to organize jewelry. Simply hang pipe brackets from the wall, and hang your favorite jewelry pieces directly from the brackets.

DIY Jewelry Organizer From Cork Board

Corkboard is a great way to organize all kinds of jewelry. Cork is lightweight and easy to hang and meets your changing needs over time. Use a glue stick or adhesive spray to customize your corkboard to cover the corkboard with your favorite fabric.

There is a huge range of push pins available, including decorative designs and push pin clips that can hold all your jewelry.

DIY Jewelry Organizer Mirror

If you would prefer to keep your jewelry organized behind a mirror, it’s a simple project to make yourself. You will need a mirror with a wooden frame, a second frame or shadow box (you can make it yourself from 1×2 boards and plywood), and hinges to attach them together.

When you connect the mirror to the front of your shallow box, attach a magnetic latch to hold the door closed. Inside the box, add small dowels or cup hooks for hanging, and keep your jewelry organized where you need it most.

DIY Jewelry Organizer From Reclaimed Boards

If you love the look of old wood and have boards from a wood pallet, old house parts, and rustic furniture, it’s easy to turn it into a fun jewelry organizer. Use a stain or wax to polish the wood, emphasize the grain, and bring out natural beauty.

Add a picture hanging hook to the back, and use 2-3 round support brackets down the center to hold wooden dowels horizontally. Slide necklaces, bracelets, finger rings, and other jewelry onto the dowels from each side for easy and attractive organization. 

DIY Jewelry Organizer From a Vent Cover

If you have an old vent cover, you can easily turn it into a DIY jewelry organizer. Even better, thrift or buy a decorative vent cover for a more interesting display. Paint the vent cover and hang it with offset brackets to create space for hanging earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from the vent.

DIY Jewelry Organizing Stand

To make a DIY jewelry organizing stand, you will need 1/2” wood dowels and pipe flanges and tee pipe fittings. Cut four wood dowels at four heights: one 6”, one 9”, one 12”, and one 14”. Use the flanges, small screws, and hot glue to mount the dowels vertically in a row, spaced 1-2 inches apart, with the shortest dowel in front.

Then attach the tee fittings to the top of each dowel, and thread each fitting with a length of dowel 12-14 inches long. Use the front, shortest one to slide finger rings onto each side of the dowel. The next one is for bracelets, then earrings, then necklaces.

Consider mounting this stand onto a wooden storage box that can store other items from your vanity or mounting it on a lazy Susan for easy access to all sides.

DIY Jewelry Organizer From Chicken Wire

Chicken wire is incredibly convenient for organizing jewelry because earrings can be hung from the wire itself, or you can use small hooks for necklaces and other items. Hang chicken wire inside a decorative frame, or make a frame yourself from wood. Consider using an antiquing paint for a stylish, shabby chic finish.

DIY Jewelry Organizer From a Mug Rack

Nothing could be easier than using a mug rack to organize jewelry. Mug racks come in all kinds of styles and materials, from racks that sit on a surface to racks that hang on the wall, and they offer endless ways to store, display, and organize your jewelry.

DIY Jewelry Organizer From a Wire Tree

Making your own wire tree is a beautiful décor accent piece, and it allows you to make your jewelry organizer as tall, large, or as strong as you need for your favorite pieces. To make a wire tree, cut pieces of wire to the same length until you have a bundle of wire with 20-40 individual pieces.

Leaving a few inches at the bottom for a base, twist the wires together tightly to form a trunk. After a few inches of twisted wire, pull out 2-5 pieces of wire and twist them together individually to form a branch. If you want, separate some pieces of wire at the ends to create a twig.

Then twist the main bundle of wire again, continuing the trunk and then separating another few pieces to form a branch. Go on until you have twisted all the wire into your desired tree shape, with enough branches and twigs to hold your jewelry.

To make a base, wrap the bottom ends of the wire around a stone and secure them with hot glue. Or drill a hole in the bottom of a wooden bowl and thread the wire through the hole, attaching it to the bowl’s bottom with hot glue.

Fill the bowl with vase filler for weight and stability. You can also use the bowl as a trinket dish, making your wire tree even more useful. 

DIY Jewelry Organizer With a Magnet Board

If you have a magnetic board, it’s good for more than just the office. Consider dressing up a magnet board with an attractive frame and then using magnetic hooks to hang your jewelry. Or get creative and hang jewelry from decorative magnets instead.

DIY Jewelry Organizer From Wine Corks

If you have leftover wine corks, you can use them to make a DIY jewelry organizer. If you have many wine corks, consider standing them on end and placing them tightly inside a decorative frame.

If you have fewer wine corks, use hot glue to add a row of corks to a piece of wood and add a picture hanger to the back. Then screw hooks into the cork, and use them to hold your jewelry.

DIY Jewelry Organizer Projects

DIY Jewelry Organizer From Drawer Pulls

This eclectic jewelry organizer is a fun DIY project, and it’s easy to thrift or repurpose the materials. Take a board and paint it, adding a picture hanger to the back. Then decorate the front with drawer pulls.

Mixing knob-style pulls with bar-style pulls, and ring-style pulls gives you endless options for ways to hang and display different types of jewelry. Add some cup-style pulls hung upside-down to create small cups perfect for finger rings, earring backs, and other small loose items.

DIY Jewelry Organizer From Silverware Sorter

A silverware sorter or drawer tray is a great way to organize your jewelry. Simply choose the silverware holder that is the right size for your collection, and then stand it up vertically.

Add hooks to hang necklaces or bracelets vertically. Consider adding a row of knobs upright along a tray’s flat surface to hold finger rings in place.

DIY Jewelry Organizer From Pegboard

Pegboard is a great way to store and organize almost anything. Pegboard accessory kits include hooks, cups, and holders of all shapes and sizes, so you can not only store, manage, and display your jewelry, but you can use it to organize hair styling tools, clothing accessories, cosmetics, and all your vanity items in one easily accessible arrangement.

Consider framing, painting, or stenciling your pegboard to make it more attractive and complement your décor.


Organizing a large jewelry collection can be difficult. If you have long necklaces, chunky bracelets, or statement earrings, they can be challenging to hang, easily tangled, or difficult to find matching and complementary pieces.

However, making your own jewelry organizer allows you to create the right system for your collection, with space and storage that is perfect for your own needs.

It is easy to make a DIY jewelry organizer from existing materials you may have around the house, or thrifted and repurposed items, using only basic equipment you already have on hand.

It’s a great project to get creative with since all you need are some hooks, dowels, string, and little ingenuity. Try one of these great DIY jewelry organizer projects and get inspired!

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