DIY Outdoor Table from Pallets

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Nowadays, people are becoming addicted to outdoor spaces and love doing everything here, from eating to celebrating special events such as birthdays and weddings. Therefore, the ideal home needs an outdoor space that invites people to stay awhile. If this is not the case for your home, the good news is that there are various customizations to consider. 

For instance, adding an outdoor table can transform your home’s exterior. This furniture can instantly create a relaxing environment where your family and friends can dine and have fun. There are many DIY outdoor tables in the market, but finding one that suits your needs can be tricky. 

Therefore, it’s time to become creative and improve your outdoor space by creating the ideal outdoor table according to your preferences. 

DIY Outdoor Pallet Tables 

Many people think of the DIY outdoor table project as a tiresome process that will take them weeks or even months to complete. However, this is not the case, and we’re going to show you how to do it easily using the wood pallets in your home. There are many benefits of working with pallets, as they create a solid structure, are easy to transport, and are lightweight and reusable.  

Let’s look at some DIY outdoor pallet table ideas your outdoor space needs that you can easily design and customize without wasting time. 

Simple Outdoor DIY Pallet Table 

This is a simple yet valuable outdoor table for those with little or no woodworking skills to consider. You’ll require wood pallets, a wrecking bar, screws, a tape measure, a drill, and a table saw

Begin by resizing the pallet boards removed from the pallets using a wrecking bar, according to your desired table measurements. Next, create a hollow wooden rectangular shape using four pallet boards—screw in the wooden legs, one at each corner of the open rectangular model. After completing the base frame and the wooden stands, arrange the other pallet wood planks on the solid top frame and screw them in to complete your simple outdoor pallet table. 

There are various customizations for those with woodworking experience and skills, such as adding a glass top. 

DIY Pallet Outdoor Kitchen Island 

You can improve your outdoor grill by creating a simple outdoor kitchen island using pallets, posts, screws, a drill, a table saw, and a tape measure. 

Build a frame using four corner posts, measure the desired height, and attach the pallet at the top. Ensure to leave enough room for further customizations, such as adding appliance doors and shelves. 

Arrange the wood planks acquired from the pallets on the top rectangular frame and screw them in. Your board is almost done. Don’t forget to include shelves or drawers to act as storage units. Pro-tip: build a simple rectangular frame similar to the top and attach it to the four corner posts to create an additional storage unit. 

Finishing is important. Sand the cut wooden edges and apply varnish or any paint shade for the finish. Let your imagination run wild and create an outdoor pallet kitchen island that will transform all your barbeque sessions. 

Outdoor Pallet Table with Side Tables 

Add a bit of sophistication to your space with a complete outdoor pallet table consisting of a coffee table, a side table, and an end table. 

This project requires you to be keen on measurements. You’ll need a tape measure, pallets, screws, a table saw, and a drill. Rearrange the pallets into various slats of different sizes. Create three tabletops, one large for the coffee table and two identical for the sides. Finally, attach the corner legs and add extra boundary layers for stability. 

Remember to keep one long side of the coffee table free where you can easily slide in or out the side tables. Finishing is essential, and therefore, it is best to choose the same color for the tables or a color pattern that matches all the units. 

Rustic wooden table and benches from wood pallets

DIY Pallet Outdoor Picnic Table 

An outdoor picnic table is a piece of furniture even restaurants can use to increase their seating capacity. Here is a guide to making a simple, functional, and beautiful picnic table with attached seats. This process needs more caution and precision compared to the others. 

After assembling wood pallets, screws, a drill, tape measure, and a saw, arrange wood pallets of the same length and attach them using a wood plank on each width to create the top. The next step is to incline four wood planks at the top base to create slanted table legs. You now have a picnic table with diagonal stands but no attached seats. 

Nest, create a rectangular frame with almost the same length as the top but a relatively larger width. Attach one or two extra wood pieces along the length of the rectangular frame to act as seating aids. Place the frame over the table and slide it down to your desired height. Finally, screw it on the sides of the slanted table stands. 

It is best to add additional wood planks along the stands and base to support the structure. 

This is just a basic picnic table, and there are various ways of making further customizations. For instance, you might prefer a foldable tablet design. Instead of using screws only, you can mix it up and include hinges, bolts, and nuts. 

Pivot the top section and the seating aids in various positions to create the movements that turn into either a picnic table or bench. The idea is to slide the picnic table into a bench with the seating sides and the tabletop as the backrest. This invention needs you to be at the peak of your creativity. 

DIY Outdoor Pallet Bar Table 

It’s time to lighten up your outdoor parties with an outdoor bar table that comes in handy for organizing drinks. You’ll need a drill, screws, quality paint, a wrecking bar, coach bolts, steel chain, eye hooks, a hole saw kit, drill bits, an electric sander, and pallets. 

Use your wrecking bar to remove the wood planks from the pallets. Then, take the two corner supports, cover the bottom half with planks, and add one plank across the top. 

Turn the structure over and screw in five planks on the top section. Create an additional drop-down front using the remaining pallet. Piece the frames together using the coach bolt that acts at the hinge between the drop-down frame and the top section. 

Feel free to use more wood planks to create a more secure structure. Use the hole saw to create small circular spaces for holding glasses and bottles. Attach the end of the drop-down table end to the top by hooking the chain to the eye hook and carabiner. 

Begin the finishing process using the electric sander to make the wood smooth. Customize the outdoor bar table further by using your desired garden paint. There are endless additions to consider, such as inserting attractive LED lights. However, it is important to prevent adding too many accessories. 

Your Turn to Get Creative

These DIY outdoor pallet table ideas are ways to help you make use of the extra wood pallets lying around your home. There are many ways of creating outdoor furniture from these wood planks, and above are some simple and exciting ideas to try. 

All these DIY ideas transform your outdoor area into an aesthetic and functional space. They offer solutions such as increasing the seating capacity at your home or lighting up your home parties. 

After designing and constructing your outdoor table, there are many other ways to use the wood pallets in your house. Here is a guide on using these wooden pallets for DIY outdoor storage box ideas and multipurpose hacks

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